Graphic Design – My Moral Support Kit

Graphic Design – My Moral Support Kit

Graphic design is definitely an area where being prepared has it’s advantages. Keeping your equipment in good condition, printers and backup solutions working are all vital (or at least you realise when something goes wrong…) but as a creative you need more than this.

Every creative has a selection of items that help keep the brain ticking and the creative juices flowing – sometimes this can be unthinkable amounts of caffeine, other times piles of computer art magazines or an RSS or design blogs. Here’s a little look at mine…

1 – Pantone Book
Ok this does perform a technical part of the job, but I find it great for inspiration when selecting new colours and helping to define a palette. Plus, it is pretty fun to fan it out and have a flick through.

2 – Tea/Coffee
As a recent convert to the world of tea I can finally understand how that quick minute or two away from the mac, while the kettle boils and the tea brews gives you time to reflect and return to the project with a fresher set of eyes. Alas my pantone mug hasn’t been the same since this new found addiction…

3 – Sketchbooks
I’ll be the first to admit I’m not great at drawing, and I should definitely practise more often, but a decent sketchbook for quick doodles, to do lists, amends from client on the phone make this a hugely important bit of kit that should always be kept close.

4 – Music/Podcasts
I listen to a lot of music and podcasts throughout the day, both in and out of design projects. Like most people I find it hugely motivating and can be a great aid when you need to switch off/the extra motivation to meet that tight deadline.

5 – Books – Design/Art/Misc
it’s great to have a stack of design magazines/books/blog list, but sometimes it can be even more beneficial to venture out of this area into subjects further afield. This might be as close as a Street art book, like the book, Wall and Piece by Banksy above, or something far removed like a favourite book or a graphic novel. You soak in everything around you, and engaging with something a little different is adding extra resources and imagery to your mind for that project down the road…

Now you’ve had a glimpse of my graphic design ‘moral’ support kit I’d love to know what you keep in yours – let me know in the comments below.

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