Finding That Inspiration – Online (part 1)

It can be difficult to stay refreshed and inspired as a designer

There’s a very distinct and important line between inspiration and copying – but it’s always good practise to keep an eye on the design world around you.

Not only do we all need inspiration at times, but the more you take in and experience the more resources you can draw from and help expand your work.

Taking a look at what other studios are up to, following inspiration artists on twitter, subscribing to design magazines and scrolling through Behance – there are plenty of ways to step away from the work physically surrounding you and venture further afield.

I’ve compiled a list of my favourite design blogs/inspiration sites below and will updated this sporadically with new finds:

  • Designspiration – Just start typing to search through the pages of beautiful design, tight typography and great layouts
  • Under Consideration: Brand New – The BEST branding opinion blog. Full stop.
  • My Fonts on Tumblr – Whilst this is more commercially orientated than other sites it’s a great way to find new typefaces and browse some interesting typographic designs.
  • Brand Packaging and Opinion – Good branding and packaging design dissected.
  • From Up North – A collection of design work across a range of disciplines from print and identity to motion and video.
  • Thinking With Type – Less inspirational and more educational this is a great resource if you want to brush up on some best type practise.
  • Issuu – Issuu is a great online platform for publishing content but is also a great way to find editorial inspiration (and just great content to read!). I’ve linked to a search for skate magazines – I’ve found some great skate and surf magazines on Issuu, Huck is my personal recommendation.

This is an ongoing list so expect more sources of inspiration in the future (both on and offline), feel free to add any of your favourite sites in the links below.

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