Design FAQ #2 – The Designer

Design FAQ #2 – The Designer

My previous Design FAQ took a look at a more design related question (dealing with the infamous typeface Comic Sans) this time I wanted to introduce myself a little more and discuss another big passion of mine…

Most of my friends/family/colleagues know I enjoy collecting (read: obsessing) urban art prints and frequently check out the artists I like for new releases that could grace the walls of my flat.

I’m often asked who is my favourite artist?

I’ve been a big fan of the big street artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey since back studying art at GCSE (an interest in Banksy seems to be a staple for most art students!) but as I’ve grown and broadened my horizons I’ve found an incredible wealth of street/urban artists with amazing and inspiring work across a range of styles and mediums.

There are a great deal of urban artists I’d recommend checking out other than just the big two above – Ben Eine, Hush, DFace, Blek Le Rat, Josh Keyes, Fin Dac, to name just a few.

But one such group I have a particular love for, are the street art collective known as Faile.

The duo’s work pulls in a lot of vintage comic book inspired imagery, torn and weathered imagery, bright colours and thick brush strokes, great typography and captivating subjects.

I have a couple of hand finished Faile prints framed up (although I’d definitely like to add more to my collection!), here’s a closeup of possibly the favourite I own:

Faile’s work is always developing as they explore new directions – they have an amazing ability to rework and remix old images in different ways to create visually different ways which helps leap their work fresh and challenging.

Here are some more examples of their stunning work…

I love the ripped, torn effect and the use of bright contrasting backgrounds

Other pieces use a block style, mixing images amongst colour and patterns.

Photo: Half Empty

One of Faile’s most iconic images.

A remix of the Faile Dog

Faile’s work mix beautiful imagery with damage and corruption.

I love the mix of hand drawn type and comic book style fonts.

If you’d like to learn a little more about the duo that make Faile and the ethos behind their work this interview is a fantastic and insightful start!

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