A (Designers) Weekend in Brussels

A (Designers) Weekend in Brussels

Every time I visit a new city I’m on the look out for fresh art and design. The typography of shop fronts, the design of maps and tour guides, inspiring exhibitions, bright street art, interesting illustrations in quirky cafes. I find it hugely exciting to explore the ‘look’ of a city.

I’m sure sometimes my incessant remarks on typography and grimacing at bad kerning could get slightly annoying – fortunately I spent a weekend with my girlfriend in Brussels, who’s also a designer, and equally guilty of always being on the lookout for good design!

(As a bonus, the fact we’re both designers made the idea of staying in a Pantone hotel a fantastic prospect. You can see more from my stay at thePatone Hotel here: Room Number 368 (Coated)).

Here’s a look at some of my highlights/recommendations to designers visiting the city!

Bright Pantone Themed Hotel Rooms

The Cobbles of Brussels

Waffles are a must!

Beautiful City Views

Stunning architecture

A visit to the Museum of Natural History

A world of interesting shapes and textures

The journal from the Belgian Antarctic Expedition

Interesting futuristic, yet retro architecture of the Atomium

Funky lighting inside the Atomium

Awesome street art

Success in our hunt for Space Invaders

Amazing urban style typography for a great cause

Breakfast at the awesome Gaudron – type lovers dream!

Brussels is a fantastic city full of interesting places to visit and things to try, but there’s also a world of art and interesting design beyond the tourist scene.

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